I don’t like bragging about myself on Facebook or anything, but…I just found out I am getting the most prestigious award as a senior. The faculty in my department chose me as the departmental scholar for 2014. I’m getting honored at an awards ceremony next week for my college, as well as my departmental dinner the week after. And this is a financial award.

I am just…you know what, I am going to brag for a second. I work my ass off. I am passionate, dedicated, and complete every assignment, every internship, EVERYTHING I do with 110% effort. I deserve this. I am intelligent and capable and awesome.

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Can we just take a minute here to appreciate Princess Odette?

Okay? Because for real, this women right here is pretty awesome. Through out this movie, not only does her hero not exactly save her, but she does almost everything herself. Let’s rewind and see why I like her so much. First, We…

Found The Swan Princess soundtrack. Doug has started to hate me.

Two weeks until the semester is over. I have gotten an INSANE amount of work done in the past three days, so now I have just a few things left to do today. Which means I will have time to clean, relax, make a grocery list, enjoy Game of Thrones, etc.

And two weeks until I will (hopefully; maybe) start updating this blog of mine more regularly. ;)

Lazy Sunday FTW. And Liverpool won!

After some 30 years of [analyzing teaching], I have concluded that classroom teaching—particularly at the elementary and secondary levels—is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that our species has ever invented. In fact, when I compared the complexity of teaching with that much more highly rewarded profession, “doing medicine,” I concluded that the only time medicine even approaches the complexity of an average day of classroom teaching is in an emergency room during a natural disaster. When 30 patients want your attention at the same time, only then do you approach the complexity of the average classroom on an average day.

The wisdom of practice: essays on teaching, learning and learning to teach Lee S. Shulman (via luckyseventeen)

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Ready to relax!

My husband just got offered the job he applied for and I am sooooo proud of him!!!

  • kids were out of control crazy today. probably because of that red moon eclipse thing last night.
  • my workload is also out of control crazy but you know, at least i did some of it tonight.
  • the hardest thing about whole30 next month is going to be no dunk’s iced coffee (at least not with cream&sugar)
  • i’m feeling really, really sad about the 2013 boston marathon. everything i felt last year is coming back (this needs/deserves its own post)
  • i am always ready for bed. at literally any time of the day or night.
  • 19 days and 2 hours until the last day of class..

My first ever Whole30 compliant meal. Obviously I am bad at frying eggs. Anyway this is sweet potato, spinach, ground beef, bell pepper, onion, and one egg. Cooked in coconut oil and topped with hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Pretty damn delicious although I still feel kind of hungry, I think. Just had a mandarin too.

I’m not officially starting Whole30 till May 1st but I want to practice making stuff. I prepped most of the ingredients last night, reheated them, and added the spinach and eggs in the pan. Pretty easy.

It’s been a long day. Today I…

  • Taught/was in school for 5 hours
  • Played some very active games with my kiddos
  • Went to class #1 (1 hour)
  • Came home feeling like shit
  • Went for a run/long walk with Doug
  • Got some ice cream
  • Came home and made/ate dinner (dessert first, bitches)
  • Went to class #2 (2 hours)
  • Came home and relaxed a bit
  • Read and annotated a research paper
  • At 10pm, decided to prep lunches for the rest of the week (currently just waiting for the sweet potatoes to finish)

Ready for much needed sleeeeeeeep

went for a run, and then a very long(ish) uphill walk. then got soft serve black raspberry. #heaven

Update: professor is wearing hair extensions that are a COMPLETELY different color than her hair. This makes me think her incompetence (as a professor) might translate to other areas of life…

TL;DR: hate this useless class.

It’s been a good Monday so far

  • Best weather imaginable
  • My two lessons/activities this morning went tremendously well. One of them I felt pretty unsure of (so did my coop teacher) but she said she was impressed!!
  • Going for a run with Doug this afternoon
  • Woke up on time and was able to take my time getting ready
  • One of the kindergarteners I constantly butt heads with asked me to play soccer with him today and it was wonderful